Electric Man 2 HS

Do you enjoy fighting games? Flash games are really a lot of fun to play, but I rarely find a good fighting, action-packed little game to play around with. There are a lot of nice tower defenses and puzzle games out there, but pure action games are very difficult to find. When I do find one, it usually has too many elements of an RPG which is sort of annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I love role-playing games, but when I am looking for a fighting game the only thing I expect to see is fighting! This is why Electric Man 2 HS was such a brilliant discovery for me and why I really enjoyed playing the game.

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Electric Man 2 HS Gameplay

I enjoy everything about it really, although I was quite lazy to get around to finishing the last boss battle. The thing I enjoyed the most however would have to be the brilliant gameplay which is packed with a lot of action! The controls are quite simple to use although I dislike games that still use arrow keys for movement. The down arrow key, however, is used for a special tumble move which lets you dodge enemy attacks and get away in case a group of enemies attacks you in the same time from all sides. A quick tip from me is to use this whenever possible as it actually deals damage and has a small chance of knocking your enemy back which can really help you beat a level.

As for the attacks themselves they are divided into two groups – the basic and the advanced moves. Each have their own modified versions, but they are all activated using the same button keys. The regular attacks are performed via A, S and D and you can use them as much as you like. There are no “bonus combo” moves, but you can use the advanced Q, W and E moves to perform some very cool moves which will be displayed in slow motion! However, these moves will use your battery power which slowly recharges so use them carefully and make sure that you do not miss.

At the start of Electric Man 2 HS, once you have names and customized your character, you will have a short tutorial which will allow you to learn all the controls in a test battle against dummy targets. This method of learning is very helpful and will allow new players to quickly understand the gameplay mechanics.

Electric Man 2 HS

Graphics and Audio

While the game is very fun to play, I cannot say that the graphics and audio effects of Electric Man 2 HS are very good. In fact, the soundtracks are quite boring and I had to mute them. They didn’t really fit the element of the game nor did the fancy the style; however, this is just my opinion. As for the graphics, I cannot say that they are anything special nor that they feature some great visual effects, but the overall feeling left behind is rather positive and I quite enjoyed the slow-motion effects and the smooth movement of the characters. Overall, Electric Man 2 HS was a lot of fun to play and I am certain that any fan of action games will enjoy it!