Electric Man 2 Game

Are you ready to enter into the Tournament of Voltagen in order to become the next champion? In the Electric Man 2 game you get a chance to battle it out with hoards of hostile stick figures that are also fighting to take the champion’s belt. Your mission is to master the martial arts and learn how to quickly take them all out without being defeated yourself. Each round requires you to defeat a group or organized opponents that will do their best to stop you.

At the start of the Electric Man 2 game you get to customize and name your character and after this a short tutorial will follow. You will learn the controls here and fight your first few enemies to the death. Basic moves are executed via A, S and D keys, while you can perform advanced moves via Q, W and E keys. Be careful though as these moves waste your battery points which are always required to execute these advanced moves. Don’t worry too much about it though as your points will regenerate over time. For movement you can use the arrow keys to go left and right as well as jump or tumble with the down arrow key. The tumble works as a sort of a dodge and allows you to escape tricky situations where the enemy team groups on you to take you out quickly.

In order to beat the game you will need to progress through different rounds and defeat all of your stickmen enemies! They are all different from each other and have their own name and story. Each is also more difficult to defeat than the previous and the final boss battle is certainly the hardest aspect of the game. Your character will not improve over the course of the game and there is no skill or learning system at your disposal. This means that in order to win the game, you must count on your own efforts and strengths. In order to beat the Electric Man 2 game you will have to try your hardest as this is unlike any fighting flash game that you have probably had a chance to play.

The game doesn’t exactly have the best graphics in the world and you cannot really expect some fancy moves or visual effects. It is nice to see the slow-motion punches and kicks that you can perform, but other than that the visual experience is quite substandard. You might also enjoy playing the game with your own music in the background since the included soundtrack is nothing special and is, honestly, a bit annoying after the first few battles. Lucky for us that there is a mute button for everyone’s convenience!

So, would I recommend that you play the Electric Man 2 game? Well, it does depend on a lot of factors, but honestly I would have to say that I am not a big fan of it. If you like flash games that have a lot of fighting and battle scenes in them, then by all means try Electric Man 2 out!