Electric Man 1

If you wanted to try real action online games, join the Tournament of Voltagen. This is where a divergence of different team battle against each other to prove who is the most Supreme Being all over the stick man universe. The reigning champion still remains undefeated. It is a combat game that involves various combinations of martial arts, street fighting and extraordinary prowess that you can use to overpower your foes.

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Game Controls

  • Q –  Slow Motion Punch  Moves
  • W – Slow Motion Kick Moves
  • E – Slow Motion Grab Moves
  • A – Punch Moves
  • S – Kick Moves
  • D – Grab Moves
  • Left Arrow – Run Left
  • Down Arrow – Dodge
  • Right Arrow – Run Right

Special Control

  • Running while doing a different move generates a new attack combination
  • Doing the Slow Motion attacks together with the flip over throw (pressing D while executing a run movement) both consumes battery points.

How to play Electric Man 1

After going through the instructions and you think you are ready to experience a different gaming experience go ahead and click “New”.

The “Create New Player” screen will require you Enter a name you wanted for your character (up to 8 characters only), then Choose any color you want (Yellow, Orange, White, Green, Blue, and Turquoise), then lastly Choose a skill level (Easy, Normal, and Pro). After filling all the fields, go on and hit “Enter”.

Another screen will welcome players to the Voltagen training course where you will learn new fighting moves which you can you in every battle. You can with press “Spacebar” to continue or quit by pressing “N”.

Electric Man 1


Lesson 1: Running:    

  • By using the “Left” and “Right” keys you can run from one side to the other. Hit “Spacebar”.

Lesson 2: Dodging:

  • Use the “Down” arrow keys to execute a dodge movement where you will be able to flip out of any difficult situations during a battle. Hit “Spacebar”.

Lesson 3: Attacks:

  • By using the A (Punches), S (Kicks), and D (Grabs) you can execute the three basic attacks.

Hit on the “Spacebar” to try all the movements against a hologram opponent and try to defeat them.

Lesson 4: Modifiers:

  • This portion will teach you that punches are subject to change if you are being surrounded. Kicks will also change once you are running or if people are behind you. Grabs will definitely change also while running and executing an action.

Lesson 5: Battery Points:

  • Playing this game is really exciting, but mind you that some attacks will consume your battery points. If you have at least one battery point left you can use these attack combinations. At any point that your battery ran out, it automatically recharges on its own, so you don’t need to worry.


How to play

Lesson 6: Slow Motion Attacks:

  • By using the Q (Punches), W (Kicks), and E (Grabs) they represent slow motion attacks. Although, they consume battery points, they are far more powerful that normal attacks.

Hit on the “Spacebar” to try all the movements against a hologram opponent and try to defeat them.

Lesson 7: Slow Motion Modifiers:

  • Slow Motion kicks and grabs will both change once executed while running.

Then you can go ahead and hit the “Spacebar” and you will reach the end of the basic training lessons for the Tournament of Voltagen. Once you hit on the “Spacebar” again, it will direct you to a screen that shows “Round 1”. It displays four pictures corresponding to four different battle matches. Once you have successfully finished all four battles, it will unlock the next round.

Exciting, isn’t it? Indeed. So go online and try this game now, besides its free so why not try it out yourself.